The Art of Applying Science in Sports Forty Skills to Empower Atheletes

The Art of Applying Science

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Title: The Art of Applying Science in Sports Forty Skills to Empower Atheletes
Authors: Jolly Roy & Garry Kuan
Price: RM22.00  ISBN: 978-967-461-615-1


The Art of Applying Science in Sports: Forty Skills to Empower Athletes is a unique book specially dedicated to empowering the athletes, coaches and sport psychology practitioners with user-friendly and effective tools that apply science to enhance sports performance. This book offers (particularly for the beginners and experienced practitioners) the art of applying different techniques, without compromising the theoretical principles of sports. It is customized using the stepwise approach to clearly present to athletes and practitioners ways to lay foundation, to engage in psychological skill training and to achieve the optimal mental state. This book is divided into four chapters (laying foundation, building athletes’ potential, empowering individuals and team collectiveness) for the reader to easily select the skills that are appropriate for them to self-regulate for optimal performance.

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