Exploring Data Using R

 Data Using R

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Title: Exploring Data Using R
Authors:Kamarul Imran Musa & Wan Nor Arifin Wan Mansor
Price: RM30.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-532-1

Exploring Data Using R introduces readers to R and RStudio to make data exploration fast, fluid and fun. This book is suitable for readers with no previous R programming experience. It aims to get the readers to analyse data as quickly as possible.

Authors Kamarul Imran Musa and Wan Nor Arifin Wan Mansor guide through three main steps in data exploration: data management, descriptive statistics and visual exploration. Readers will get a quick understanding and easy-to-use guides, along with the basic tools needed to use R in the RStudio IDE for efficient data exploration.

Readers will learn how to:

  • Install R and RStudio

  • Manage data – turn datasets into formats convenient for analysis

  • Describe data – for one and two variables and cross-tabulation

  • Explore the data visually – create plots using popular R packages, for example, ggplot and lattice

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