Service Innovation in Design Studies and Practices


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Title: Service Innovation in Design Studies and Practices
Author: Ahmad Zuhairi Abdul Majid
Price: RM15.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-603-8

This book is a guide for designers in industrial design, as well as in other areas such as architecture, interior design and visual communication in the area of digital media. It is also suitable for service bidders, as they also need to understand how to get the quality of care required, with the aid of a designer who will be mindful on the intangible aspects of service. As with other design areas, service design often gives priority to studying prior to the application of the concept of innovation or service enhancement. This is especially important since knowing the needs of the customers is the cornerstone of every discipline of design. It is desirable for a designer to review the needs of customers and service markets before considering the planning process. Service design is an element that has been implemented ever since a long time ago, but it is unlikely that its application can be done quickly, as there are combinations of different fields that need to contribute ideas and skills to service delivery. Service design used to be a term that does not exist, as service providers only discussed the concepts of 'to be built', 'to be created', 'to be launched' and so on when service was to be introduced. Thus, this book aims to bring back service design to the limelight, so as to not only educate designers, but also to remind service providers that it is also, and always will be, an important part of service

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