History of Neurosurgery in Malaysia The Past, Present and Future


Title: History of Neurosurgery in Malaysia The Past, Present and Future
Author: Fadzli Cheah Abdullah
Price: RM152.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-674-8

The development of neurosurgical services and training in Malaysia began in 1963, with the first centre established in its capital city at Hospital Kuala Lumpur, aimed to provide much needed neurosurgical services and training in the field of neurosurgery. This centre subsequently expanded in 1975 with the establishment of the Tunku Abdul Rahman Neuroscience Institute (IKTAR). The establishment of this institute catalysed the rapid expansion of neurosurgical services in Malaysia and paved the way for development of comprehensive training for doctors. In 2001, the formal residency training programme was established in Universiti Sains Malaysia (Masters in Neurosurgery, USM) and since then has produced qualified neurosurgeons who have empowered and shaped the present generation. With the establishment of this local training programme, neurosurgery services were further expanded to include almost all states in Malaysia and many subspecialties were developed. There are now more than 60 neurosurgeons providing services in the public, university and private sectors. Neurosurgery in Malaysia is now established on the international stage and our neurosurgeons/neurosurgery committees have actively participated and hosted many prestigious international meetings and conferences for various sectors.


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