Compounding Practice And Formulation For Pharmacy Students


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Title: Compounding Practice And Formulation For Pharmacy Students
Authors: Amirah Mohd Gazzali, Goh Choon Fu
Price: RM57.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-754-7

Compounding is an exciting area in pharmacy. To excel in pursuing a pharmacy professional course, one needs to understand the Latin abbreviations, perform accurate calculations including unit conversion and understand the fundamental differences of various dosage forms as well as the dos and don'ts in pharmacy compounding. While this knowledge can be entirely new to pharmacy students, they need to address the challenges and difficulties in understanding basic compounding. This does not limit to the theory and concepts of compounding but also calculations involved in the compounding practice.

Brilliantly arranged and explained, this book offers a user-friendly approach with appropriate discussions and countless calculation exercises for pharmacy students. The book covers the essential basis of pharmaceutical dosage forms including both conventional non-sterile and sterile preparations. The discussion on the legal requirements pertaining to the pharmacy practice involving valid prescriptions and medication dispensing is also included. This book is truly a must-have for all inquisitive pharmacy students and will be useful even after their graduation!

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