Convergence Of Research In Art And Design: A Source Book


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Title: Convergence Of Research In Art And Design: A Source Book
Editor: Sarena Abdullah
Price: RM44.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-766-0

A fundamental reading for new postgraduate students enrolled in any art and design field - this book provides a basic guide in tackling the fundamental aspects of research for postgraduates, especially for those coming from the art and design background. Included in this book are selections of writings that address some pertinent aspects of research fundamentals with exemplification of several actual case studies by academicians and researchers. Divided into two main sections - the first section highlights some core aspects of research that include topics that deal with thesis writing and literature review, critical thinking, reading, and writing, human ethics application, and polishing presentation skills. The second section of the book consists of chapters discussing real issues and case studies faced by academicians and researchers in the field. These chapters share the foresight of more creative and explorative possibilities, as well as thoughts of research initiatives, wether multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary study in the realm of art and design.

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