Microbiology For Pharmacy: A Practical Guide


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Title: Microbiology For Pharmacy: A Practical Guide
Authors: Thaigarajan, Mehdi Riazi, Suriani Mohamad
Price: RM31.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-781-3


A fundamental understanding of microbiology is necessary for pharmacists. This book is a practical guide for undergraduate pharmacy students. It is developed as an undergraduate microbiology laboratory guide. It covers the basics and a few important experiments to meet the needs of the students majoring in pharmacy as well as allied health and biological sciences.The book contains various experimental works and activities that teach students the basic concepts of microbiology. This book will extend the learning experience of students and enhance fundamental practical aspects of microbiology. The contents are also applicable to other health courses. This is a self-contained laboratory manual designed to maximise the learning process and time spent in the microbiology lab. It is also packed with exercises immediately after each experiment and supplemented with interactive pictures. The content also includes exercises and definition of the microbiology jargon to guide students who are na├»ve to microbiology. 

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