Facilitating Transfer Of Local Knowledge


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Title: Facilitating Transfer Of Local Knowledge
Editors: Nor Asniza Ishak, Salasiah Che Lah, Norizan Esa
Price: RM20.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-856-8

This book is a publication effort of the Local Knowledge Secretariat, Universiti Sains Malaysia. It is an appreciation to the researchers and scholars who have presented their papers at the International Conference on Local Knowledge organised by the Local Knowledge Secretariat. The theme of this book, Facilitating Transfer of Local Knowledge brings local wisdom as part of an effort to convey the local knowledge to the society particularly to the young generations. In addition, the book aims to provide knowledge and experience in preserving and conserving local knowledge to the societies. Local wisdom in society is very important in maintaining culture, religion and race. Undoubtedly due to the rapid development, modernism has greatly influenced the young generation to forget about the culture that our ancestors had inherited earlier. It is hoped that this book will act as platform to encourage the societies to preserve and conserve the local knowledge as to be further inherited from one generation to another generation. Besides, this book will give readers the opportunity to get some way or help to restore the practices of past societies in preserving and conserving knowledge, artistry, and the teachings of the previous generation for the sake of sustainability of the future generation.

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