Higher Education From Region to Nation for the Community

Higher Eduction

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Title: Higher Education From Region to Nation for the Community
Editors: Morshidi Sirat, Norzaini Azman, Mahiswaran Selvanathan
Price: RM37.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-649-6

’This book is a recommended reading for academics, practitioners and policymakers working in the higher education setting and in the context of U4S ‘University for Society’ envisioned by the Ministry of Education Malaysia early 2019. The chapters illustrate by way of examples from many countries a top-down approach to engaging local communities based on the strategic intent designed and formulated at the regional level and cascaded down via the nation. The editors acknowledge that a bottom-up approach to engaging communities from the local to the regional is also possible. But this is not the focus of this book, which is based on the updated version of papers presented at the Global Higher Education Forum 2018.”

- Professor Dr. Mansor Abu Talib

Professor of Human Development Counselling

Department of Human Development & Family

Universiti Putra Malaysia

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