Wing Engineering: Aerodynamics, Structures And Design


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Title: Wing Engineering: Aerodynamics, Structures And Design
Authors: Samuel Merryisha, Parvathy Rajendran
Price: RM64.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-773-8

The advancement of flight science and technology has shown much boom contribution towards the aircraft wing and its retrofitting. Looking into the aircraft wing variants,they have a huge range of configurations with their individualities by commercial and military usage. This book concentrates on aircraft wings with an elaborated wing introduction and is primarily concerned with aircraft wing performance. It complements other books in the market by concentrating only on aircraft wings and their functionalities.The main objective of this book is to reach the beginning graduate-level students by providing them with the basic concept behind the aircraft wing. The expected audience of the book would ideally be the high school and undergraduate students, who have much ingenuity towards aircraft wings and their concepts.

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