Higher Education & Digital Learning In The Disruptive Era


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Title: Higher Education & Digital Learning In The Disruptive Era
Editors: Muhammad Muftahu, Jasvir Nachatar Singh, Danial Mohd. Yusof
Price: RM39.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-860-5

Higher Education and Digital Learning in the Disruptive Era is a compilation of works on higher education at the crossroads undergoing numerous challenges. Resultant of the coinciding of the digital revolution, IR 4.0 and the COVID-19 pandemic, this book is accessible and helps those interested in higher education governance and application to understand the nuances of this era's contemporary challenges to higher education institutions.

This book is provides an insightful analysis of the impact of digital disruption on higher education globally. From the acceptance of digital skills to governance of online education, it covers a range of important topics and offers valuable insights for educators, policymakers, researchers, students and other stakeholders in higher education seeking an overview of contemporary challenges in the field. 

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