Application Of Local Knowledge In Different Spheres Of Practice


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Title: Application Of Local Knowledge In Different Spheres Of Practice
Editors: Rabitul-Adawiah Ahmad Rashid, Wan Izatul Asma wan Talaat, Norizan Esa
Price: RM29.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-840-7

In the era of globalization and rapid development of technology and artifical intelligent, the importance of local wisdom slowly being unnoticed and forgotten. Through a proper documentation, the validity and significance position of local wisdom would remain appreciated and valued. This book offers an informative reading on practices in various fields; ranging from the field of food preparation, architecture, biodiversity to legislation; right from the lens of local wisdom. The chapters in this book provide refreshing information on the treasure of local wisdom, supported by scientific data and evidence. Though the content of this book might be academic in nature, yet it is presented in simple language, making it is readable for various group either students, researchers, academicians or even general public.

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