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Orang Kemboja

Title: The Orang Kemboja of East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
Author: Siti Nor Awang
Price: RM18.00 ISBN: 978-967-461-581-9

The Orang Kemboja or Cham Muslim community may not ring a bell to many of us compared to the other migrant communities who have long settled in Malaysia. Cambodia, previously a part of the Champa kingdom is the homeland of this little-known community. After the Khmer Rouge regime took over Cambodia in April 1975, the migration of Orang Kemboja especially to Malaysia has sparked a sociopolitical phenomenon which became a subject of interest for many scholars. Thus, this book is indeed a must-have reference for those looking to learn more on the economic and social history of the Orang Kemboja to fully understand Malaysia’s welcoming gesture to the community when PulauKeladi was offered to be their foreign paradise.


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